We made The Oath.
The three of us.
A three-fold cord that cannot be broken.
We did it for love.
For life.
For justice.
For what was right.
For all we stood for and believed in.

We swore to uphold Truth and Righteousness.
We beat our chests and declared war on evil,
And everything that was wrong with our world.
We would be the voice of reason,
Defenders of the downtrodden.
We were going to change the world!

Our quest took us to the heavens,
To the depths of the earth,
To realms unspoken,
To the flimsy fringe of reality.

He asked us if we were willing to do all it took.
We said we would go even further, not even death would stop us.
He asked for a token:
The hearts of the heartless.
The fears of the wicked.
The shame of the abominable.
He asked for a sacrifice, and we would have laid down our lives in a heartbeat!

He wanted not our blood nor our souls.
Instead, he asked us to sup with him.
We feasted with him upon the souls of the lost ones,
The ones we sought to rid the earth of.

We have met the acquaintance of an ancient evil,
That which was before the birth of time.
Upon our three-pronged circle, we summoned him.

In harsh whispers we let the runes roll off our tongues.
They hissed through clenched teeth, fell to the ground.
Words forbidden, carried upon the winds to the far reaches of the earth.
They took flight on the wings of a thousand ravens, consuming all in their path.

We summoned him upon our circle,
The circle which has cycled us back to where we started.
Back to evil.

We fought evil.
We killed it.
We plunged the dagger of our passion into it again and again and again,
Until its life blood was spilled.
And now we look in the face of evil no more.
It has become us.
We three and our three-fold cord.
The Cold One.
The Child of the Moon.
The One who is not.

Do we regret the things we have done or what we have become?
We would do it all over again.
Because we did it for love.
For life.
For justice.
For what was right.
For all we stood for and believed in.

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